FAQ - Administration of the ECF

Administration of the ECF

1.      What is the role of the Private Wealth Management Association in the ECF? 

The Association takes up the administration of the ECF, including accreditation and exemption.  The PWMA has, pursuant to the ECF, developed the CPWP professional qualification. The PWMA will administer the CPWP certification and on-going professional training for its member institutions.

2.      Will the Relevant Practitioner receive any document to certify that he/she is CPWP certified by the PWMA?

The PWMA will send the Relevant Practitioner a letter informing he/she has been awarded as CPWP upon his/her completion of all the requirements, and as well a letter to the Relevant Practitioner that the CPWP status still remains in effect upon his/her fulfilling of the annual OPT requirement.

3.      Is the ECF a duplication of my existing qualifications?

The ECF is specifically tailored to strengthen the competence level of the private wealth management industry that covers knowledge of Asia Pacific markets and practical application of PWM-related knowledge, with strong emphasis on ethics and compliance, and hence it is not a duplication of any existing qualification.


4.      If I am holding certain professional qualification (e.g. CFA, FRM, CGA, CPA, CIWM, etc.), would the professional qualification be eligible for exemption? 

PWMA does not currently offer any exemption on professional qualifications.