Latest Updates

2018-06-14 Next Generation Forum on 8 June 2018
2018-05-28 中國每周誕兩名億萬富豪
2018-05-28 投資總監吃香現挖角潮
2018-05-16 FinTech創機遇 善用技術邁國際
2018-04-27 Learning and Sharing Session on a Private Bank Case Study on 25 April 2018
2018-04-26 The Fourth Annual General Meeting of PWMA on 17 April 2018
2018-04-10 HK's wealth sector is about to get busy (Citywire)
2018-03-08 The fourth Annual General Meeting ("AGM") of Private Wealth Management Association Limited ("PWMA") will be held on Tuesday, 17 April 2018.
2018-03-06 HK welcomes new beneficial ownership rules
2018-02-23 PWMA: Not all international banks are applying MiFID II in Asia (APB)
2018-02-23 Hong Kong wealth management body seeks Swiss help to boost skills to meet Chinese Demand (SCMP)
2018-02-23 港瑞簽約加強私人財管交流(ODN)
2018-02-23 HKMA, PWMA ink MoUs with Switzerland to strengthen financial ties (APB)
2018-02-23 Hong Kong strengthens financial cooperation with Switzerland (ecns)
2018-02-23 香港與瑞士加強金融合作 (HKEJ)
2018-02-23 香港與瑞士加強金融合作 (TKP)
2018-02-22 「私人財富管理先導人才培訓計劃」 實習月薪不低於1 萬元 (HKET)
2018-01-26 Learning & Sharing Session on Technology in KYC processes for Client on-Boarding on 25 January 2018
2018-01-24 Joint Press Release “PWMA and SBA Sign MoU: Closer Collaboration to Develop the Private Wealth Management industry” on 23 January 2018
2017-12-20 Regulatory Forum on 14 December 2017