Accreditation of In-house Programmes and Examinations

PWM institutions may apply to the PWMA for accreditation of their in-house training programmes and examinations, so that their staff who have satisfactorily completed the accredited in-house programmes, passed the accredited internal examinations as well as passed the relevant HKSI and / or HKIB examinations for paper or module not covered by such accreditation, and accumulated sufficient relevant work experience may apply for CPWP certification. 

Currently, accreditation will only be applicable to the Module 1 Technical Industry and Product Knowledge in full or by individual paper. Ethics and Compliance under Module 2 of the ECF is out of scope for accreditation.

The accreditation of training programmes and examinations will need to benchmark against the ECF syllabus, its learning objectives, programme structure, learning hours and examination format to ensure 100% match.

For application, please submit the following information for evaluation:

1. Application Form for Accreditation

2. Detailed Description of In-house Programmes & Examinations 

3. A Complete Set of Training Materials & Examination Papers 

Criteria for Evaluation 

The key factors to be considered in the evaluation process are syllabus, programme structure and learning hours, examination and assessment, quality assurance mechanism and the ability to modify the programme. Please refer to the attached for elaboration. 

Accreditation Decisions

The Accreditation and Exemption Committee will make a final decision on the application and if approved, the accreditation status will be valid for 3 years. Once the accreditation is confirmed by PWMA, the PWM institution can organize the training programmes and examinations on their own schedules.

Once the relevant practitioner has passed the in-house examination, the PWM institution is required to issue a written notice to its respective staff indicating the name of the employee, the name of the PWM institution, the name of the examination paper, the date of the examination and the passing mark. This notice is required to be submitted to PWMA as evidence if the relevant practitioner subsequently applies for the CPWP Certification under the examination route.

Other Requirements

There are other requirements on changes made to the accredited programmes and examinations, termination and renewal of the programme etc. Please refer to the attached documentation for detail.

Accreditation Fee

Module 1 (Both Paper 1 and 2)

HKD 280,000

Paper 1 or Paper 2 of Module 1

HKD 180,000

Renewal for Module 1 (Both Paper 1 and 2)

HKD 100,000

Renewal for Paper 1 or Paper 2 of Module 1

HKD   60,000

Please email PWMA at for additional information.