Syllabus and Examinations

The ECF contains two modules – Module 1 on Technical, Industry and Product Knowledge and Module 2 on Ethics and Compliance. Please refer to “Detailed Syllabus” for information on the detailed syllabus for Module 1 and Module 2.
The table below highlights the requirements of ECF:

Module 1

Technical, Industry and

Product Knowledge

Module 2

Ethics and Compliance


Training Hours

40 Hours

12 Hours

   52 Hours


Financial Instruments

(paper 1) -   2 hours

Wealth Management

(paper 2) -  2 hours 40 minutes

1 Paper -  1.0 hour

   5 Hours

40 Minutes

Examination Format

and Passing Mark

Multiple Choice


Multiple Choice



The Training Hours are in-class training hours.   The PWM practitioners can opt to attend class lectures or undertake self-study.