About Us

About the Private Wealth Management Association

PWMA is an industry association whose mission is to foster the growth and development of the private wealth management industry in Hong Kong. PWMA members are authorized institutions and licensed corporations in Hong Kong with dedicated private wealth management businesses providing personalized banking and portfolio management services. Established in 2013, PWMA is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.


The main objectives of PWMA are:

  • to better position Hong Kong as the private wealth management hub in the region by promoting and encouraging the growth and development of the PWM industry in Hong Kong and to help maintain Hong Kong's status and competitiveness as a major financial centre;
  • to promote proper conduct, integrity and high standards of professional competence on the part of PWM practitioners;
  • to provide a forum for members to discuss and exchange views on trends and challenges faced by the PWM industry and how to strategically position for these trends and challenges;
  • to provide industry representation and consultation in Hong Kong on PWM related matters; and
  • to provide a channel for the private wealth management industry to maintain ongoing dialogue with government officials, regulators, trade bodies and non-governmental organizations.